TEx-MST is a novel bioinformatic database for providing the valuable expression information of MANE-select transcripts in normal human tissues. Users can initiate the expression interrogation by search the gene symbols or browse the MANE genes in various criteria (such as genome locations or expression rankings). Previously, the RefSeq and GENCODE projects are the principal keystones for genome analysis and annotation. A new reference gene transcript dataset (MANE-project) was released by NCBI and EMBL-EBI to bring new unified representative transcript for human protein-coding genes. Since there are far more numbers of alternative spliced mRNA transcripts due to the rapid accumulation of NGS transcriptome data, it is essential to learn more about the thorough tissue expression profiles of alternative transcripts in order to obtain the molecular modulations and functional significance of these MANE-select transcripts. There is no dedicated database to display the tissue expression information on the MANE-select transcripts. Therefore, this TEx-MST database is aimed to deliver tissue expression profiles of MANE-select transcripts in various normal human tissues. We have utilized the GTEx (Genotype-Tissue Expression) transcriptome datasets to construct an easy to use web interface in visualization among alternative transcripts of human protein-coding genes. This TEx-MST database is primarily based on the new GTEx V9 expression information using the third generation long-read sequencing platform. We also compared the MANE-Select transcript with the top-ranked protein-coding transcripts (TRP-Tx) in the GTEx dataset. This TEx-MST database would be beneficial for the tissue expression distribution and functional understanding of MANE-Select transcripts.